Our first experience of riding in an electric car was in 2016 when we bought our first fully electric vehicle. It was clear from the very first moment that it had been a good choice to switch to electric, despite the relatively high costs and limited range. We believe people are ready for the new privilege of using an electric car!

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to the world, among both younger and older people. The first electric cars appeared as something of a rarity that not many could afford, but the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles has slowly brought about a change. These days, nearly every car manufacturer offers an electric model, and some of them have announced that, before long, they will only build electric cars. The electric revolution is happening in front of our eyes: in just a few years, we have got used to the sight of quiet cars gliding along the road.

Governments have also listened to environmental activists’ arguments about the need for the car industry to change. They have set out new ways of supporting the purchase of electric cars, making these very convenient vehicles affordable for a wide section of the population.

But the automobile industry is huge, change is slow, and the infrastructure supporting electric cars also needs to change. The first motor-cars were not served by petrol stations every few miles along the road either: the network of filling stations gradually followed their expansion. It’s the same situation with electric vehicle charging points.

This is why the team at eautotoltokabel.hu are working hard every day to provide their customers with the most innovative charging equipment, cables and accessories, in accordance with new trends, and promoting a greener future. With our products, you can safely charge your electric cars, or those of your guests. The main reason for people’s aversion to electric cars is probably their range per charge. People are cautious, and this is perfectly reasonable, since no-one likes asking for help because of a dead battery. Your sense of safety grows significantly by having a limitless charging point that is always around you: at home, at work, or when visiting friends or customers. Even though electricity is not a trifling matter, a safely designed charging cable is surely no more dangerous than a hairdryer. And progress continues: we are constantly offering new and more efficient models to make your ride hassle-free and environmentally friendly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team if you require any support.